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Southwestern Diagnostic Imaging (SDI) Chooses eUnity™

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A Solution That Will Grow With You

As you follow your strategic direction, supporting your organization, adding new organizations, or adding new technology, eUnity will grow with you. One platform to support both the enterprise and the diagnostic user.

Scalable to Tens of Thousands of Users

Our technology allows you to start with a small number of users and grow exponentially with little effort, without increasing your costs. A single server will support thousands of users, with no impact on performance.

Flawless Quality on Any Device

Our robust architecture allows our viewing platform to fully integrate with your systems with no clinical impact. eUnity is able to retrieve image and patient data from your disparate systems and present everything in a single user interface.

Seamless PACS, VNA, EMR Integration

Our viewing platform provides full diagnostic quality images, from any location, 100% of the time. Whether on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or a desktop system, eUnity will present the same diagnostic quality images on each device.

Designed to Meet the Needs of All Users

Enterprise Users

eUnity provides clinicians access to diagnostic quality images, 100% of the time from any location, on any device, whether from a desktop, laptop or a mobile handheld device.

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Diagnostic USERS

Performance of a PACS workstation from a zero footprint viewer, enabling users to provide time sensitive diagnostic reviews from any location, providing the patient with the best and most accurate care possible.

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IT Team

A single image viewing platform for both the enterprise and diagnostic users, does not require specialized hardware, is very scalable, robust, manageable, and cost effective.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “With eUnity™, we have been able to significantly speed up retrieval of studies, providing a significant improvement to our clinical workflow.”Jean Tichy, Director of Clinic Solutions
    Marshfield Clinic
  • “eUnity™ exceeded all of our expectations and will create a whole new world of productivity for our referring physicians.”John Basile, Administrator CRA, R.T., (R)(MR), Administrator Director of Radiology
    Caremount Medical
  • “During the demonstration phase of the Univiewer vendor acquisition process, Client Outlook’s eUnity™ univiewer was able to sell itself.”Trent Conwell, Director of IT
  • “It was vendor neutral, browser-neutral and a completely agnostic solution that can work with anything.”Rafael Gonzalez, Executive Director of Imaging and Information Technologies
    Aultman Hospital
  • “Client Outlook continues to be a key component to our growing radiology imaging practice. The accessibility to our images via the web, mobile, and tablet on the eUnity platform is unparalleled, and the technical support is second to none! ”Eliot Budnick, D.O.
    iCARE Radiology
  • “Layering the eUnity on top of the Mach7 VNA gives us a universal viewer, plus a rapidly deployable image repository, providing our entire community with a way to view images as quickly as possible. ”Travis Haskins, CIO
    Southwest Diagnostic Imaging (SDI)
  • “By broadening eUnity’s™ reach, and extending its universal viewing capability beyond Sunnybrook PACS to HDIRS via the SunnyCare portal, we are able to facilitate greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between physicians at member sites and our specialists here at Sunnybrook.”Oliver Tsai, Director of Information Technology
    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • “As a customer I have to say working with Client Outlook has been an absolute pleasure! From planning, building a POC, System Implementation and thru any support Client Outlook has demonstrated consistent professionalism and positive results.”Joseph P. Giannola, BS, RT(R ), CIIP System Engineer
  • “eUnity’s ability to support the needs of every practitioner in the enterprise, including our radiologists, with its incredibly fast zero footprint image viewing capabilities is truly distinctive and allows us to move beyond the PACS to execute on our enterprise-wide image viewing strategy.”Fred Peet, CIO
    Yuma Regional Medical Center
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