Important facts to consider when investing in a zero-footprint diagnostic enterprise image viewing platform


Investing in a single image viewing platform for both diagnostic and enterprise users is a critical decision which affects physician satisfaction and patient care. This decision can be complex and has many factors to consider.  A few important facts to understand about diagnostic enterprise viewing solutions are the speed, reliability, clinical features & functionality, and the ability to seamlessly integrate. Below is a list of some of the most important items to think about when developing and implementing your zero-footprint, enterprise wide, diagnostic imaging strategy.

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Top 10 checklist for your zero-footprint diagnostic enterprise imaging strategy

unlockFree of specialized hardware

Look for an image viewing platform that does not require specialized hardware, such as GPUs. This will reduce immediate upfront costs, long-term maintenance costs and remove failures.

many-usersUnparalleled scalability

As your enterprise grows and changes, you want an image viewing platform that is flexible enough to grow and change with your needs. Look for a viewing technology that has the ability to adapt to your organization and scale as required.

spedometerEffectively handles network latency

Speed is very important when accessing images, and network latency is often a hindrance. Look for an image viewing platform that will minimize the effects of network latency in its architecture and optimizes user’s experiences.


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