ENITS Expands Use of eUnity™ to Mobile Platforms

November 1, 2016|News

Anywhere, anytime mobile access to diagnostic quality images accelerates access to timely specialist care for Ontario patients

Client Outlook a leading provider of FDA Class II diagnostic and clinical image viewing solutions, announced today that the Emergency Neuro Image Transfer System (ENITS) has expanded its eUnity™ implementation to support mobile platforms enabling access to emergent CT, MR and US images from any iOS or Android device and location. ENITS is a centralized web-based picture archiving and communication system that allows for easier, faster and more accurate remote consultations. Referring hospitals across the province of Ontario send in-scope images to ENITS where they can be accessed and viewed by the consultant on-call anytime, anywhere.

eUnity has been utilized by ENITS since 2013, to provide physicians access to in-scope studies and to positively impact patient care. Ontario patients with acute neuro, vascular and cardiac conditions receive improved care and access to a specialist. For example, when a stroke patient presents at one of Ontario’s emergency departments for assessment, in-scope imaging is uploaded to ENITS. Consultants use eUnity from mobile devices to recommend if the patient requires a transfer to a regional stroke center, surgery or other interventions, or is receiving the care he/she requires in their current location.

“eUnity’s flexibility, ease of deployment and support for multiple devices and platforms, has allowed us to deploy eUnity across ENITS quickly,” explains David Veeneman, Manager PACS/DI-r Team, Information Technology, London Health Sciences Centre. “eUnity’s robust architecture, high performance, intuitive design, and the fact that it delivers diagnostic quality 100% of the time, made it an ideal fit for ENITS.”

“I have had the opportunity of using ENITS Mobile on my iPhone and iPad to review CT imaging of the brain including CT angiography for Telestroke consultations. The images load rapidly and the quality of the images is excellent,” says Dr. Frank Silver, MD, FRCPC Director, Ontario Telestroke Program, Director, Toronto West Stroke Network. “The ability to review CT images on my mobile devices allows me to provide an immediate response when I receive calls from one of our 28 Ontario Telestroke referring hospitals. I am available 24/7 even when I am away from my office or home. I always have immediate access to the patient’s brain imaging which is essential when making potentially life-saving decisions about the treatment of a patient with an acute stroke. Even a delay of a few minutes can result in further brain damage. ENITS Mobile significantly reduces the time from being notified by CritiCall about a patient with an acute stroke and the time that the decision is made to treat.”

“ENITS is a program that is important to Client Outlook. We have seen the importance of ENITS for patients in need of assistance with family members and friends who were provided timely care. We are proud to have eUnity as part of ENITS and of the positive impact this program has on patient care,” said Brenda Rankin, executive vice president at Client Outlook.

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