A zero-footprint image viewing platform for radiology reading


eUnity™, known as the most advanced and scalable diagnostic enterprise image viewing platform on the market, also supports primary diagnostic and radiology reading workflows.  Radiologists can access, manipulate and collaborate over full diagnostic quality medical images with unparalleled performance and without the need for expensive GPU-based hardware.  eUnity supports multiple monitors on any browser, hanging protocols, MIP/MPR & 3D and so much more. eUnity can be used to diagnose studies for all imaging modalities, including mammography, providing one viewing solution for the entire enterprise. Regulatory cleared for diagnostic use, with FDA 510k Class II clearance in the US as well as various other countries around the world, allowing radiologists to finally experience the same performance as a PACS workstation from a zero-footprint viewer.


eUnity – a zero-footprint viewer with the performance of a dedicated PACS workstation


spedometerUnparalleled performance, regardless of location or image size

eUnity’s unique architecture was designed based on two philosophies: quick access to data from any data source, and performance must meet and exceed your expectations. With eUnity’s unique technology, you can quickly scroll and interact with data like a dedicated workstation, providing full diagnostic quality, even during image manipulation. eUnity is architected to remove concerns about network performance, regardless of your location.

integrated-platformAccess patient data from various sources

Access to prior imaging studies is critical for any diagnostic or treatment decision. However, accessing the images, or even knowing if there are prior studies is not always possible due to data being stored in multiple systems. eUnity will access patient information from multiple sources and provide you with all the information in an aggregated view, improving patient care and diagnostic decisions.

no-barriersCustomized to fit your workflow

You can fully customize shortcuts on the keyboard and mouse controls making eUnity flexible and enabling you to work the way you want. eUnity also provides you with both structured and unstructured modes, over multiple monitors, allowing you to compare studies and series the way you want. You can anchor the most current study and have the priors laid out beside it, or you can drag and drop series to any viewport, providing you with the flexibility to work in a way that is most optimal.

hpPowerful hanging protocols

Hanging protocols are important to efficiently diagnose studies, and to have consistent display of images regardless from which PACS or VNA the images were loaded. eUnity can customize the display of the images and which viewports the series are displayed in, all using common language. You can also select which tools are available for various studies or modalities. This makes eUnity’s hanging protocols one of the most customizable and powerful on the market today.


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