Take Your Enterprise

From Complicated to Sophisticated

One viewing solution, one platform,
and one user experience for everyone.

Our Goal

We strive to meet all your image viewing needs in one platform that is simple to use and easy to maintain. We have created the most robust image viewing platform for today’s complex healthcare needs.

To ensure we meet and exceed your expectations, we continually analyze the most important needs for all users. We are providing a solution that is efficient for everyone, a solution that is important to your enterprise imaging strategy. We want radiologists to have all the benefits of their thick workstations, in a zero-footprint viewer. We want cardiologists to have the tools they need for their specialty on the same platform as the radiologist. We want clinicians to have access to the same image quality as all the other users and is accessible from any location, on any device. We want the IT team to implement a solution that is truly universal, easy to deploy, simple to maintain, and grows with the organization. With all these considerations and many more, we developed eUnity.

Enterprise Users

Clinicians can now access diagnostic quality images using a feature-rich zero footprint viewer, from anywhere location, on any device. eUnity will aggregate all patient information from various departments and disparate systems across the enterprise into a single, easy to use viewer.

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Diagnostic Users

Users can finally experience the same performance from a zero footprint viewer as a PACS workstation, providing diagnostic quality images, 100% of the time. eUnity supports your diagnostic workflows with smart tools, unique multi-monitor and hanging protocol supports, MIP/MPR and 3D.


IT Team

The IT team will be able to implement a single viewing platform that will meet the needs of all your users, will grow with the organization, and is easy to maintain. eUnity does not require any special hardware, provides incomparable performance & scalability, and is cost effective.