The Power of a Radiology Workstation

In the Body of a Zero-Footprint Viewer

Advanced visualization, hanging protocols and multi-monitor support provide a true radiology experience.

Connect. View. Diagnose.

One Platform

 one image viewing experience for everyone


eUnity™ is a zero-footprint diagnostic image viewing platform that allows for primary diagnosis and radiology reading. Healthcare professionals are able to access, manipulate and collaborate over diagnostic quality medical images on multiple monitors, using hanging protocols, and so much more.

Advanced Functionality for Enabling Diagnosis

eUnity is a feature rich zero footprint diagnostic viewer, with features such as MIP/MPR and 3D, advanced hanging protocols, and full support for multiple monitors. You can consistently load and review images the same way every time, and you can match your PACS reading environment throughout the enterprise. eUnity uses advanced hanging protocol configurations that gives you the ability to work the way you want, when you want. With eUnity’s unique multi-monitor and study layout options, you can have structured or unstructured reading experience with our comparison and shuffle modes, allowing you to only interact with the images and studies that you want.

Diagnose Quickly & Accurately with the Speed & Image Quality of a Dedicated Workstation

eUnity is a zero-footprint viewer that displays diagnostic quality images, 100% of the time from anywhere, on any device*, with no downsampling, even when interacting with the images. Our unique technology, allows you to have fast, reliable performance that is as good as PACS. In fact, regardless of your location, you are able to experience this level of performance from our zero-footprint viewer. This provides you with the ability to read and diagnose quickly and effectively.

Efficiently Diagnose and Read Studies

eUnity enables you to efficiently perform your critical tasks, whether you are diagnosing a stroke, consulting on an oncology case, or reading a study. As a true diagnostic viewing platform, eUnity supports the vital clinical workflows of your departments and the enterprise. You will have access to the necessary tools and workflow where and when you need it; MIP/MPR and 3D done on the fly or as part of the hanging protocols, multiple monitor support for better viewing and diagnosing, being able to see all of the patient data, as well as breast tomosynthesis, echocardiograms, and ECG waveforms.

Allows Collaboration in Real Time from Any Location

eUnity allows you to collaborate, in true real-time. Unlike the traditional method of using a streaming based technology, which is not diagnostic quality, eUnity uses a more intelligent method for collaboration. eUnity ensures the images displayed to all users during collaboration are diagnostic quality and all image manipulation is real time. For example, when a physician is collaborating with a peer for an oncology case, both physicians can be assured that they are viewing diagnostic quality images.

Access Images from your Mobile Devices, from Any Location

You will be able to access images from any location, on any device, including mobile device*, with the same tools as on your web-browser. We have full support for native apps which can be downloaded from iTunes and GooglePlay, or you have the flexibility to use the web-browser on your mobile device.

A Diagnostic Viewer that can Access All Image Information Providing a Complete Patient History

eUnity is a very robust diagnostic viewing platform that will work with your existing systems, such as an EMR, VNA, PACS. eUnity can retrieve the most up to date images and patient information by efficiently querying multiple sources, including source of truth systems. eUnity will aggregate the data from all these systems and present it in a single user interface, providing relevant patient history, enabling you to make an informed diagnosis.

Keep Information Securely on your PACS & Not on Devices

Securing patient information is critical for all healthcare institutions. With eUnity all communication containing patient information is secure and encrypted. eUnity does not leave any patient information on your workstation or web-browser.