A Zero-Footprint Viewing Platform

That Treats Everyone the Same

The same access to diagnostic quality images and the same user interface for everyone, on any device.

Connect. View. Diagnose.

One Platform



eUnity™ is a feature rich, enterprise viewing platform that enables clinicians to quickly access fully diagnostic quality images from any location, on any device, in real time. eUnity will present all the information gathered (DICOM & non-DICOM) in a single user interface. eUnity does not require specialized hardware, supports many image types, including ecg waveforms, supports MIP/MPR & 3D and so much more.

Same Image Quality as the Radiologist

As clinicians, you will finally have access to the same lossless, diagnostic quality images as the radiologist! You will access diagnostic quality images, 100% of the time from any location, on any device*. eUnity effectively handles network latency and provides the same, feature-rich, unparalleled performance to all users.

Full Support for Mobile Devices

eUnity runs on mobile devices, supporting both the mobile web-browsers (HTML5 and Flash) as well as native apps for iOS and Android devices*. Both clients are at feature parity with the functionality of launching eUnity from any desktop web-browser. This provides you with the same experience regardless of the platform or device you are using.

Truly Universal Viewer for Accessing Information from your Existing EMR, VNA, PACS with a Single Interface

With eUnity, clinicians can now access the most recent and relevant image and patient information from a single zero-footprint viewer. We support DICOM and non-DICOM data, integrate with EMR’s, and query multiple image sources, enabling clinicians to view all relevant patient information from a single user interface. eUnity removes the barriers of when and how clinicians access the most critical patient information, improving patient care.

Smart, Image- Aware Tools

Our tools are context aware. eUnity is a smart platform that knows what images you are reviewing, where on the image you are reviewing and what measurement results you expect to see. The same measurement tool behaves appropriately based on the image type. For example, line measurement will display the appropriate units for a CT and for a cardiac ultrasound. You will be more efficient as a result of this mindful design, improving your user experience and positively impacting patient care.

Collaborate from any Location, in Real Time using Full Fidelity Images

eUnity allows you to collaborate with your peers, while viewing diagnostic quality images. eUnity provides a fully shared collaboration experience for all users. This provides a faster, real-time, rich collaboration experience, ultimately improving patient care. For example, clinicians at a rural hospital can collaborate with a neuro-radiologist to review a stroke patient’s status. The neuro-radiologist can be assured that they are viewing full diagnostic images, 100% of the time.

Patient Information is Never Stored on Any Device

Patient privacy is critical, and is something Client Outlook takes very seriously. eUnity does not leave any image or patient information on any device. All communication between the client and the servers are fully secure.