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A true platform design with advanced connectivity to manage change, support growth and build a sustainable enterprise.

Connect. View. Diagnose.

One Platform

 one image viewing experience for everyone


eUnity™ is a diagnostic, enterprise image viewing platform that provides the IT team with a solution that is highly scalable, hardware agnostic, designed to effectively handle network latency, and is future proof. eUnity does not use any specialized hardware, like GPUs, and leverages your existing virtual machine (VM) environment. You will have one image viewer for all your users in an easy to manage, simple to use, and fast to deploy solution.

No Specialized Server Hardware. More Reliable. Easier Maintenance. Lower Costs. Virtual Machine.

eUnity does not require expensive, specialized hardware such as Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s). This eliminates single point of failures (SPOF), hardware that becomes obsolete, is expensive to refresh, and difficult to install. eUnity results in a cost effective, more reliable, and easier to maintain solution.

eUnity installs on a regular server, is hardware agnostic, and can be deployed in a virtual machine environment. This provides your IT team with reduced infrastructure costs, business continuity, and ease of maintenance.

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Multi- Platform Support

Whether your users are accessing eUnity from the office, at home, or any other location, they will be able to quickly view images on eUnity, providing enhanced user satisfaction. eUnity is fully functional on any hardware platform and any device, including mobile devices. eUnity supports native iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile browsers. Our thoughtful design, intelligently supports both old and new web-browsers, eUnity will automatically select HTML5 and fall back to Flash depending on your web-browser’s capability.

Highly Integrated. Federated Queries With or Without a VNA.

Receive immediate clinical value with eUnity as your enterprise viewer. You do not need a VNA to reap the benefits of a zero-footprint viewer. eUnity is able to integrate with an enterprise’s disparate systems and perform federated queries, ensuring the user is able to access the most recent study available from all systems in an aggregated view.

Low Cost Scalability to Tens of Thousands of Users

On a single virtual machine, eUnity supports thousands of users. As your healthcare enterprise grows, additional eUnity servers can be added, giving your organization flexibility, eliminating the burden of planning for the future, removing the need to purchase hardware that will become obsolete.

Fast, Easy & Flexible Deployment. Lower Deployment & Training Costs.

eUnity was designed to work on regular servers and can be fully virtualized, ensuring the hardware footprint is small and something your healthcare enterprise likely has available. Since eUnity does not require any specialized hardware, like graphics processing units (GPU’s), and supports querying multiple images sources, all the deployment can occur remotely, reducing deployment costs and implementation time.

eUnity was developed with the user’s experience in mind, resulting in a simple, easy to use, and effective user interface. Your users will require very little or no training, significantly reducing training costs.

Built to Continually Leverage New Technologies

eUnity is built on a dynamic architecture that is not tied to any runtime or underlying technology. eUnity is developed on a single code base for all platforms (enterprise, diagnostic, HTML5, flash, and so on), providing all users with the same rich user experience. This also allows eUnity to adapt to new technologies that come to market (i.e. HTML5) at a much faster speed than our competitors. This unique approach provides your IT team with peace of mind that their investment in eUnity will be able to adapt and leverage new technologies.

Backup for PACS. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Cloud Ready.

Since eUnity can be used as both an enterprise and diagnostic viewing platform, its ability to integrate with disparate systems, and its ability to perform federated queries, it can be your business continuity solution. In cases, where you have a PACS, eUnity can function as your PACS backup to diagnose patients, ensuring patient care is not impacted.

eUnity provides your IT team, diagnostics users and enterprise users with a solution that provides business continuity, 24/7/365, including during down times or when there is a disaster recovery situation. eUnity’s architecture allows your IT team to have a redundant system in their backup datacenter. And since eUnity is hardware agnostic and is not dependent on specialized hardware, the backup server is cost efficient. For organization’s that utilize a cloud based platform, eUnity’s dynamic architecture supports the cloud.

Zero-Footprint Viewer Keeps All Information Securely on Servers, Not Devices

Ensuring any solution you invest in keeps patient information private is very important and is something Client Outlook takes seriously. eUnity does not store any image data or patient information on any device, ever.

eUnity supports auditing for all actions. As per HIPAA, audit information can be accessed and queried.

Quick & Easy to Access Remotely. Responsive 24/7/365 Support.

Client Outlook is dedicated to supporting our customers above and beyond industry standard. Not only do we provide 24/7/365 support, with the eUnity heads up display and dashboard our support teams can be made aware of potential issues before they happen, ensuring that there is no disruption for the clinicians delivering critical patient care. In keeping with our theme, product upgrades only require seconds of downtime, again ensuring critical patient care is not affected.

Also, because eUnity does not rely on specialized hardware (i.e. GPU’s), removing this single point of failure provides our customers with a better, more reliable overall solution.